Wasps Pest Control

WaspsThis striped summer bandit is the constant scourge of family BBQ’s, pub gardens and picnic areas. It seems their unwelcome presence is always there, raiding your pint class or hovering menacingly over your plate of food.

The likelihood is there may be a nest nearby, this is always a good thing to check first. Although a raiding wasp will travel up to two miles on the lookout for a good food source, the nest could just as easily be on your doorstep.

A walk around your property is always the first port of call. You will be looking for one individual spot where wasps will be constantly entering and leaving the building. If you find this then the likelihood is that there is a nest in this location. Prime locations for nests will be air vents, holes in the brickwork, underneath the tiles in the roof void, in the soffit box, but any void or gap in the property could harbour a nest, so a thorough check is advisable. However, nests can also be in your garden, in holes in the ground, in a hole in a tree, we have even found nests in bird boxes and rabbit warrens so start your search. Wasps will be active from early June to the first frosts in autumn, possibly November.  A keen look round is needed, normally mid-late June is a good time. We would be happy to do this for you if required, the new Euro-Wasp which is becoming more and more prevalent in this country will simply nest in a bush in the garden and can be quite difficult to spot so please proceed with caution. Please give us a call for advice.

Once the nest has been located, treatment is generally very straight forward but should only be attempted by a trained professional technician. In peak season a wasp nest can contain up to 50,000 worker wasps and as such, amateur treatment is definitely not recommended.

Modern methods allow us to treat wasp nests from outside the property, it is very unusual for us to have to enter inside a loft space or a roof void for treatment. The only reason we may decide to carry out a treatment from inside a property is if the nest is inaccessible from the outside, which is very rare as ladders and extension poles designed for these difficult nests generally get us to where we need to be. Treatment from outside is much safer for your technician and equally as efficient and all wasp nest treatments are 100% guaranteed to solve the problem.

Once your technician has clambered into his safety attire, which will consist of a veil, mask and gloves, he will then proceed to treat your nest. This will be an injection into the holes the wasps are entering and leaving the nest with a high pressured duster, pumping enough insecticide dust into the void to kill the nest. However, following treatment, eradication is never immediate, the wasps will build up in numbers and will be very angry for approximately 2 hours until eventually the nest will become quiet and eradication complete… guaranteed.

During this process it is recommended that all windows and doors are closed and your technician will be grateful to be in a veil and gloves protecting him from lots of very angry and aggressive wasps despite the hot and sunny conditions.

For more info see our wasp factfile

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