Domestic Pest and Vermin Control

Since 1989, we at Cross Pest Control Ltd have been offering all kinds of cost-effective, but safe and reliable pest control solutions for the domestic customer. Sometimes disregarded and forgotten, and often over-charged and misled, the domestic customer has had a rough ride over the years from many trades, including our own.

That’s why, as normal people ourselves, and being a family business, we are proud to be different. We are happy to cater for domestic needs and requirements, in an efficient and cost effective way.

Every company advertising will offer you:

  • Fast response
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Best service
  • Cheap as chips

We think you have heard all of this before and every website you click on will tell you the same thing. How do you make a choice when they all offer the same?

You could just grab a pin and close your eyes, or you could call us.

We have built a domestic clientele base which is essentially built on trust. We see our customers regularly and it is important that we build relationships with each other. I’m not saying we go out to dinner, but an honest relationship where our customers know we are being honest should we ever recommend treatment. That we know how to carry out treatments, safely and effectively, without question. To know the advice they are being given is good, solid advice and to know that we will do exactly what we say we are going to do – without question or worry.

So do give us a call, we offer the same as the rest but we also offer honesty and above all trust.

So, although we do have over 20 years of experience in the field, are fully trained and are probably the best pest control company in the universe, we can’t promise to be cheap as chips but we can promise a fair deal, honest advice and proper treatments – without question. That’s what we would want when we call a contractor to our home.

At the end of the day, we know you want your pest problem solved. You want it sorting as quickly as possible and by someone who knows what they are doing. You are happy to listen to advice but fed up with the hard sell and you know you are going to have to pay for the job, but you don’t want to be swindled.

Best call us then.

If you need a fast, effective and reliable pest controller in the Bishops Stortford area
contact Cross Pest Control on:
Hertfordshire: 01920 822897
Mobile: 0777 5673088 or 0777 5673089