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Cluster FliesAre you unlucky enough to be experiencing large quantities of flies in your loft space or the upper regions of your property? If so, then the likelihood is, that your property is experiencing a Cluster Fly infestation.

Cluster Flies are a parasitic fly that hibernates. They hibernate, sometimes in their thousands, inside hot voids. You may also find them hibernating in your Sash or Velux windows. Although your first reaction may be that you have something dead in your property, this may not be the case. Cluster Flies will generally cause you a nuisance when they are going into, and coming out of hibernation. This is essentially spring and autumn and can often be found in large numbers upstairs by dropping trough a poorly sealed loft hatch or though light fittings from the loft.

For a more in depth appraisal of this pest please see our fact file on Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies, although treatable, can very rarely be eradicated completely. Once Cluster Flies have invaded your property, they will leave behind a pheromone. This pheromone is a Cluster Flies way of communicating to future generations of flies that this site is a perfect place to see the winter out. Unfortunately, once this pheromone has been laid, there is no way of removing it and as such, year after year, certain properties may find themselves invaded by this pest in autumn.

But what can we do? Treatments are very effective and we can advise on a formula to suit your individual property and budget. Please call us for advice and an inspection can prove useful so we can ascertain the best form of treatment for you.

There are generally two forms of treatment for Cluster Flies. A short term solution is to treat the loft space and/or windows with an insecticide spray. The spray used to treat Cluster Flies is residual, which means it will continue to kill the insects for up to 10 weeks. This treatment should therefore control the problem for the autumn season until the next infestation the following year.

The more long-term approach would be to install Cluster Fly EFK (electronic fly killer) units inside the roof space. These units are specifically designed for Cluster Fly control and are perfectly safe to leave in your loft on a long-term basis. These are an excellent way of constantly controlling your Cluster Fly problem on a long-term basis but on occasions where Cluster Flies have a bumper year, it may also be necessary to spray the loft to completely eradicate the problem.

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