Rats and Mice - Pest and Vermin Control

RatsMiceIf you are unlucky enough to experience these unwelcome guests in your premises then you may be noticing droppings, scuffling noises in the walls or loft space or possibly even sightings of them scurrying around. For more in depth details on your visitor please see our pest fact files for Mice and Rats.

Pest Control Procedures

Our Initial Clear Out Procedure is guaranteed to eradicate the problem and bring back peace of mind and harmony to your premises. The procedure is generally a course of 3 treatments.

  • Firstly to establish the extent and areas of infestation and bait accordingly using the safest methods available and in strict accordance with COSHH regulations to ensure safe and effective control of your problem.
  • Our second treatment will be to check the baited areas, re-bait where necessary.
  • Our third and final treatment to check for a final time and ensure that the problem has been resolved and remove all poisons from site.

This process will typically take place over a 3 week period after which we will be happy to give you the all clear. However, in extreme and heavy infestations extra treatments may be required to complete the clear out procedure effectively.

During your clear out procedure your technician will be looking around your premises for any deceased bodies and any found will be removed off-site. The proofing of a property to prevent re-occuring rodent infestations may be plausible in certain circumstances. Although this cannot guarantee you will never be visited by unwelcome guests again, the blocking of certain obvious entry points is good practice and certainly could reduce the influx into your property. We will be happy to talk this through with you.

Please be aware that it is now a legal requirement that all poisons are removed from a site once a rodent problem has been resolved if a permanent baiting plan has not been agreed. However, in some situations on-going regular treatments may be deemed necessary to keep your problem in check on a long term basis. It may be deemed a sensible option by you and your Technician to keep poison at the property on a permanent basis to facilitate the constant monitoring and control of your rodent issue. In this case you will require our Annual Service Agreement where the law allows us to keep poison at your premises.

Annual Service Agreement

An annual service agreement is a binding contract between our company and you which enables your Pest Control Technician to monitor and control your rodent problem legally and effectively to ensure we constantly maintain the issue for your peace of mind.

A service agreement is the only way in which we are legally entitled to leave poison down at your premises for a one year period. The law will allow us to continue this as an on-going process if the agreement is signed and in place. This enables your Technician to make regular scheduled visits as part of this agreement to monitor and check baits at your premises.

Visit schedules may be discussed but will be advised by your Technician which will be dependant on various different factors. Each premises must be assessed individually to ensure we ascertain the correct formula for you. Generally visit schedules can be quarterly, bi-monthly, six weekly or monthly, varying from domestic mouse problems to a more comprehensive commercial baiting programme.

Service contracts are an excellent way of constantly monitoring and controlling a problem, keeping poison available for migrating rodents at all times and giving early warning indications of rodent presence but never allowing them to obtain “infestation” levels. However, the requirements for commercial pest control agreements differ from residential agreements, despite the end result being the same. Effective, safe and reliable control of your problem.

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