Moles - Traditional Molecatchers

MolesAs mole specialists we understand what a headache these “gentlemen in black velvet” can be for anyone who experiences an invasion. They can undermine and decimate any lawned area very quickly and seem to be on a constant quest to push up soil on a daily basis giving many homeowners, gardeners and green-keepers many sleepless nights wondering how many molehills they will wake up to the following morning.

Its time to put those headache tablets away and let the specialists deal with the problem. We at Cross Pest Control Ltd are traditional mole-catchers and have been helping keep areas mole free since 1989. Remember, we are traditional mole-catchers, which means we only control moles by use of traps which are fit for purpose. We do not use or endorse the use of any gas or poisons of any kind, thus offering a commitment of humanity to this wild animal and giving it the respect it truly deserves. To further endorse this commitment we are proud to be serving members of the following registers:

BTMR guild of Molecatchers

Please click on either of these logos and spend some time looking through the individual sites for some excellent background knowledge on the mole and what it means to be a member. Or please feel free to check our fact-file page on moles

So if you have a mole problem you need professionally dealing with then please call Dean to discuss your requirements. With 20 years experience in catching moles and level 1 accredited by the Guild he will offer advice on treatments for humane and efficient control of these garden invaders. You can contact Dean on any of the numbers on this site or his mobile which is 07775 673088 and he will be happy to help.

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